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How to extend xsdata

There are two main entrypoints that developers can leverage to add support a new generator output or/and a new class type for data bindings.


This entrypoint allows developers to register a new xsdata.formats.mixins.AbstractGenerator.

from xsdata.codegen.writer import CodeWriter
from xsdata.formats.mixins import AbstractGenerator

class AwesomeGenerator(AbstractGenerator):

CodeWriter.register_generator("awesome", AwesomeGenerator)

Which can be used during code generation.

$ xsdata --output awesome


This entrypoint can be used to register a new xsdata.formats.dataclass.compat.ClassType for binding operations.

from xsdata.formats.dataclass.compat import class_types
from xsdata.formats.dataclass.compat import ClassType

class AwesomeType(ClassType):

class_types.register("awesome", AwesomeType())

Which then can be used like this:

from xsdata.formats.dataclass.context import XmlContext
from xsdata.formats.dataclass.parsers import XmlParser

context = XmlContext(class_types="awesome")
parser = XmlParser(context=context)