Source code for xsdata.codegen.handlers.attribute_enum_union

from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any
from typing import List

from xsdata.codegen.mixins import ContainerInterface
from xsdata.codegen.mixins import HandlerInterface
from xsdata.codegen.models import Class
from xsdata.models.enums import Tag

[docs]@dataclass class AttributeEnumUnionHandler(HandlerInterface): """Convert classes with a single attribute derived from xs:union where all types are enumerations to standalone enumeration.""" container: ContainerInterface
[docs] def process(self, target: Class): """ Merge enumeration unions attributes. Lookup for the source class in the local namespace or inner class list. """ if len(target.attrs) != 1 or target.attrs[0].tag != Tag.UNION: return enums: List[Any] = [] for attr_type in target.attrs[0].types: if attr_type.forward: enums.extend(target.inner) elif not attr_type.native: qname = target.source_qname( enums.append(self.container.find(qname)) else: enums.append(None) merge = all(isinstance(x, Class) and x.is_enumeration for x in enums) if merge: target.attrs.clear() target.inner.clear() target.attrs.extend(attr.clone() for enum in enums for attr in enum.attrs)