class xsdata.formats.dataclass.models.elements.XmlMeta(clazz, qname, target_qname, nillable, text, choices, elements, wildcards, attributes, any_attributes, **kwargs)[source]#

Class binding metadata.

  • clazz (Type) – The dataclass type

  • qname (str) – The namespace qualified name.

  • target_qname (Optional[str]) – The target namespace qualified name.

  • nillable (bool) – Specifies whether an explicit empty value can be assigned.

  • mixed_content – Has a wildcard with mixed flag enabled

  • text (Optional[XmlVar]) – Text var

  • choices (Sequence[XmlVar]) – List of compound vars

  • elements (Mapping[str, Sequence[XmlVar]]) – Mapping of qname-element vars

  • wildcards (Sequence[XmlVar]) – List of wildcard vars

  • attributes (Mapping[str, XmlVar]) – Mapping of qname-attribute vars

  • any_attributes (Sequence[XmlVar]) – List of wildcard attributes vars


Return self==value.

Return type:


__hash__ = None#

Match the given qualified name to a wildcard and optionally to one of its choice elements.

Return type: