class xsdata.models.config.GeneratorOutput(package='generated', format=<factory>, structure_style=StructureStyle.FILENAMES, docstring_style=DocstringStyle.RST, relative_imports=False, compound_fields=<factory>, max_line_length=79, postponed_annotations=False, unnest_classes=False)[source]#

Main generator output options.

  • package (str) – Target package, default: generated

  • format (OutputFormat) – Output format

  • structure_style (StructureStyle) – Output structure style, default: filenames

  • docstring_style (DocstringStyle) – Docstring style, default: reStructuredText

  • relative_imports (bool) – Use relative imports, default: false

  • compound_fields (CompoundFields) – Use compound fields for repeatable elements, default: false

  • max_line_length (int) – Adjust the maximum line length, default: 79

  • postponed_annotations (bool) – Enable postponed evaluation of annotations, default: false, python>=3.7 Only

  • unnest_classes (bool) – Move inner classes to upper level, default: false


Return self==value.

__hash__ = None#