class xsdata.formats.dataclass.parsers.config.ParserConfig(base_url=None, process_xinclude=False, class_factory=<function default_class_factory>, fail_on_unknown_properties=True, fail_on_unknown_attributes=False, fail_on_converter_warnings=False)[source]#

Parsing configuration options.

  • base_url (Optional[str]) – Specify a base URL when parsing from memory and you need support for relative links eg xinclude

  • process_xinclude (bool) – Enable xinclude statements processing

  • class_factory (Callable[[Type[TypeVar(T)], Dict], TypeVar(T)]) – Override default object instantiation

  • fail_on_unknown_properties (bool) – Skip unknown properties or fail with exception

  • fail_on_unknown_attributes (bool) – Skip unknown XML attributes or fail with exception

  • fail_on_converter_warnings (bool) – Turn converter warnings to exceptions